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Do you Require Custom Radiator Covers?


We are Dublins Custom Radiator Cover Specialist!

Healy & Sons are Irelands premier radiator cover service. We have been helping our clients to bring there homes and business premises to pristine conditions since 1875.

As a result of our many years of experience in the creation of custom radiator covers we can help people, just like you, turn your decorating dreams into reality.

5 Great Reasons To Have Custom Radiator Covers


Whether your goal is to update the look of a room, or dampen the sound of your radiators investing in radiator cabinets is a smart investment.

Here are five great reasons why:

    • 1./ Reclaim Lost Space.

Radiators are a good source of heat, but they also take up valuable space in a room. Especially for domestic homes. By investing in a radiator cover, you can reclaim the flat surface on top to display books, picture frames or hardy plants.

    • 2./ Beautify A Room

Over time, radiators can begin to look less attractive. While refinishing is often an option, investing in a radiator cover can be a simple, low-cost way to enhance a living space and increase safety.

    • 3./ Child-Proof An Area.

Children can get burned, sometimes severely, when touching, falling or playing around a hot radiator. Radiator covers can help make sure no one gets hurt.

    • 4./Reduce Noise

Covers can help diminish those unpleasant hisses, pops and gurgles characteristic of the classic radiator.

    • 5./ Use Radiator Covers As Furniture

In addition to shelves for books, plants or curios, covers designed to fit long, low radiators can double as television stands, benches or study areas.


Exceptional Furniture Restoration


Freshen Up and Breath New Life Into Your Living and Working Environment

Here at Healy & Son we strive to provide our customers with the finest custom-built cabinets in the country, turning eyesores into elegant and functional furniture. We pride ourselves on being able to offer durable, elegant and affordable custom radiator covers. Our cabinet styles compliment any décor–from classic to contemporary.All of our radiator covers are built in our state-of-the-art woodworking facility right here in Dublin, ensuring a quality of construction and attention to detail that is second to none.

Our clients include private homeowners, designers, architects, developers and contractors. Whether you need to cover just a few radiators for your home, or you need hundreds of covers for a major hotel renovation, we can easily meet your needs.

For Custom Radiator Covers You Can Depend On

Healy & Sons, are Irelands largest custom radiator covers companies, and our team of Expert Technicians, with their dedication to quality and attention to detail, have established us with a reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry. Our success is firmly rooted in our dedication to providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service in radiator cabinets.

We service both the residential and commercial sectors, and for both we always ensure we deliver an affordable radiator covers solutions.

Whether you need enhancement, refinishing or restoration, Healy & Son offers dramatic results. We use proven technology, products and processes, our skilled technicians can restore and enhance your wood’s natural beauty and strength while virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings and dents. Even broken, water-damaged and fire-damaged furniture pieces can often be restored to a like-new or pre-loss condition.


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