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We Are The Premier Provider Of Brass Fitting Restoration and Custom Designed Brass Hardware?

At Healy & Sons Brass fittings are restored and replicated by our fine family craftsmen. We machine, weld cast, and forge brass fittings and their hardware to preserve or restore the grandeur of historic landmark buildings. Without the proper maintenance, nothing lasts forever, even doors and hardware made of these most durable of metals. Hardware wears out, starting the process of deterioration:

  • Hinges can wear, allowing doors to drag on the saddle and hit each other.
  • Locksets wear out, or fail to function with displaced brass doors.
  • Maintenance is too often shoddily done, causing worse damages in the future, for temporary fixes.
  • A properly maintained brass or bronze door should last for many centuries.
  • Building settlement can distort framing of headers and jambs, causing great damage to doors if ignored.

Typical Problems We Work With

Our team of specialists are experienced in the proper handling of brass fixture and fittings restoration or replication.

They are educated in metallurgy and engingeering, and have the intelligence to understand the structure of the doors or other typical structures we work with and the limitations of the metals and materials composing the door.

We also have a full understand of the original techniques used in the fabrication of the door or entryway which allows us the to make effective repairs.

To make the highest quality repairs to such brass fixtures and fittings, an operator must respect the techniques used, be thoroughly familar with them, and able to recreate any of the components needed.

Why Use Healy & Son for all of your Brass Restoration, Refurbishment and Replication needs:

Healy & Sons, are Irelands premier brass fixture and fitting repair, restoration and replication companies, and we have an established reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry. Our success is firmly rooted in our dedication to providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service in brass restoration, repair and replication.

We service both the residential and commercial sectors, and for both we provide a high quality service of your brass fixture and fittings.

Whether you need repair, refurbishment, restoration or replication, Healy & Son offers dramatic results, with all of our projects undertaken. Repairs done on site in your home or business. We use proven technology, products and processes, our skilled technicians can restore and enhance your Brass fixtures natural beauty and strength while virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, dents and imperfections.


Exceptional Furniture Restoration


Some of the services we provide that will help you attain your repair and restoration goals include:

As a result of our many years of experience in the brass fixture restoration business we are well placed to carry out the most complicated and delicate brass refurbishment projects. In some case where fitting’s are to badly damaged or missing parts they will need to be replicated. We can also design and replicate brass fixtures and fittings.

  • Full Brass Fixture and Fittings Restoration Service
  • Brass Fixture Replication Service
  • Precision repairs (scratches, nicks and dents)
  • Brass Fitting structural repair and stabilization
  • Brass refinishing and polishing
  • Professional execution

For brass repair, restoration, and replication you can depend on our expert technicians, their dedication to quality workmanship and attention to detail.


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