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We are Dublins Painted Furniture Specialist!

Healy & Sons are Irelands premier painted furniture service. We have been helping our clients to bring there furniture to pristine conditions since 1875.

As a result of our many years of experience in the furniture painting business we can help people, just like you, turn your decorating dreams into reality.

Freshen Up and Breath New Life Into Your Furniture

When we think about decorating and adding colour to our homes, we tend to focus on the walls, leaving the furniture as an after-thought. But when it comes to creating beautiful interiors, it pays to get creative with paint. By custom painting furniture pieces, such as kitchen cabinets, dressers, chairs and radiator covers, you can inject personality and interest to your décor.

Whether your style is bold and bright or soft and subtle, a freshly painted dresser, chair or table will revive your interiors and introduce a splash of your favourite hues to your home.


Our Unique 5 Step Process

At Healy & Son we have been helping our clients to paint, refurbish and restore their furniture since 1875. Over this time we have created a unique 5 step furniture painting process to ensure client satisfaction every single time.

  • Step 1: Prepare the area for the painting project.
  • Step 2: Remove any necessary hardware from the furniture.
  • Steps 3: Patch any chipped, holed, or pitted surfaces with wood filler.
  • Step 4: Sandpaper the surface of the furniture. The goal in this step is to remove any protective varnish or lacquer that is on the surface of the wood.
  • Step 5: Prime and Paint. Depending on the look and the finish you want we will take a tailored approach to this vital step.

Choosing the Paint Colors for Your Furniture

It is possible for us to create the look that you want for your furniture. And our clients often find that the most fun, creative part of having there furniture painted is discovering that it is possible to choose the exact colour that is just the right hue to harmonize with the color scheme of the room the piece will live in.


Exceptional Furniture Restoration


Why Use Healy & Son for all of your Furniture Painting needs:

Keep in mind that darker colors will appear larger and might overwhelm a small room. Brighter colors and colors that contrast sharply with the walls and other furnishings will draw attention to a piece and make it the focus of the room, while lighter colors will help a piece blend in. You can choose from our vast Color Gallery, covering thousands of paint colors and color combinations.

  • On-site color touch-up and finish restoration
  • Image enhancement
  • Precision repairs (scratches, nicks and dents)
  • Furniture structural repair and stabilization
  • Furniture refinishing and polishing
  • Professional execution

Some of the services we provide that will help you attain your repair and restoration goals include:

  • Custom Hand Painted Furniture
  • Design Assistance
  • Re-finishing
  • Veneer repair & replacement
  • Antique restoration
  • Condition reporting and assessment
  • Structural repairs
  • Carving/replication of missing elements
  • Veneer work (including marquetry)
  • Gilding
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For Furniture Painting You Can Depend On

Healy & Sons, are Irelands largest furniture painting companies, and our team of Expert Technicians, with their dedication to quality and attention to detail, have established us with a reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry. Our success is firmly rooted in our dedication to providing our customers with unparalleled craftsmanship and quality service in furniture painting

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We service both the residential and commercial sectors, and for both we provide an affordable alternative to replacement of furnishings and fixtures.

Whether you need enhancement, refinishing or restoration, Healy & Son offers dramatic results. We use proven technology, products and processes, our skilled technicians can restore and enhance your wood’s natural beauty and strength while virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings and dents. Even broken, water-damaged and fire-damaged furniture pieces can often be restored to a like-new or pre-loss condition.

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